My love of photography began as a child with glimpses into the lives of others.  A sheltered upbringing made those frozen snapshots essential to my attempts to understand the world around me.  My early, timid curiosity evolved into a lifelong fascination with other realities.

At seven I learnt to use the family Brownie box and began to capture my own realities.  On my 13th birthday my father gave me a simple camera of my own, which went everywhere with me until it was worn out.  In my early twenties, the acquisition of a film SLR set me on a perpetual learning path.  It wasn’t until years later that I realised photography was my natural vocation.  It had been with me all my life; had saved my most important memories – and those of many other people; it had even saved my sanity in the toughest times.

I love most genres from landscapes to fashion, insects to architecture, beauty to urban grime but time dictates that I reserve some themes for enjoyment of other artists’ work.     My recurring subjects include people, flowers, landscapes, still life and macro.  But I can’t promise to resist being drawn into other themes occasionally.